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How it all started.

Wretched Innovations LLC is an independent game development  company that was established in July of 2020 and founded by Ross Hazzard, Morgan Hazzard, and Kristin Hazzard. Wretched Innovations is family owned and operated. Together the family has set out to develop a company that would embody their love for fine arts and computer programming. Also allowing them to utilize their strengths and talents. It all started with Morgan's love and passion for art, which led her to pursue and earn a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. 

Morgan’s artistic ability coupled with her passion and drive allowed her to begin 3D modeling; tapping into her creativity, and letting her art be seen in a new light. While attending college, Ross stumbled upon the world of programming. From these two distinctly different paths a single dream was born! From that fateful moment, a fire has been lit under these two pushing them to pursue their passion. 

Luckily, Kristin (Morgan’s and Ross’s mother) has been there from the conception of the dream, pushing them and helping them realize their dreams are attainable. Together, the three of them have created Wretched Innovations, a company that affords them the opportunity to pursue something that they love! Lastly, Wretched Innovations, as a whole, strives to uphold the promise they made to each other and the promise they made to all customers, past, present, or future.

meet team

Morgan Hazzard


I am the graphic designer, graphic & 3D artist, game animator, and social media manager at Wretched Innovations. I am also the Head Project Manager of Wretched Studios.

  • 1st game ever played was Halo

  • Favorite game is Rocket League

I am a passionate graphic designer/multimedia artist that can excel in any field in the digital industry. I possess a variety of abilities that contains innovative art and design principles. I am an artist with more than 6 years of related work experience, as well as a portfolio of accomplishments, including exhibitions and publications. 


I love working with my brother and mother, they are my main source of inspiration. I have always loved to draw and paint, it is only recently I have dabbled in the art of 3D modeling. So every day is a new adventure for me and I am always learning something new. I am also new to the gaming world; growing up I was never big on playing video games, it is mostly because I am not that good or skilled enough lol. But I always love to watch my brother play because I get to look at the character designs and all the graphic art components. My favorite games to watch are the Final Fantasy series.

I cannot express my excitement at working with my sister and mother enough. I have never seen two more dedicated and curious people who view every day as a new opportunity to learn and grow. I live every day trying to live up to the model they set through their actions.


I have been interested in video games from a very young age. I was always fascinated by the idea that people could tell such intricate stories that allowed the player to become immersed in. However, I never thought that I would ever be able to contribute to the artistic field of gaming. That is, not until my first programming class. For me, the logic driven language of coding makes sense, in a way nothing else has. Every new line of code holds a sense of suspense, excitement, and expectation. My mind races as I run each new addition of code, crossing my fingers hoping that it both compiles and does exactly what I was expecting. Each failed code provides a new learning experience and adds to the library of reference material on which I can base my future programs. There is nothing quite like it.


As I have grown, I have found that gaming provides me with different things than it used to. Gone are my days of competitive gaming. Now, I get the most enjoyment out of sharing an experience with friends and family. My family has spent many nights sitting around, taking turns playing games, guessing what twists or plot devices might progress the story into the next chapter, discussing the beauty of the models or sprites, analyzing level design and character progression, and geeking out over the game physics.


Ross Hazzard


I am the program development team lead, audio asset producer specializing in SFX, a member of the marketing and sales committee, head of research and development, primary level designer, and lead metric analyst at Wretched Innovations.

  • 1st game ever played was Super Mario World

  • Favorite game is Final Fantasy XV


Kristin Hazzard


I am the Financial Advisor, Legal Advisor, and most importantly the Head of Human Resource department of Wretched Innovations. 

  • 1st game ever played was Frogger

  • Favorite game is PUBG

I am a proud mother of two of the most innovative and analytical individuals. I have been blessed in helping them develop into the creative intellectuals they have become. I take great pride in the fact these two have strong family convictions and stand firm on their morals and beliefs.

I round the team off with my knowledge of running our family business for years and aid in the growth and development of Wretched Innovations. I am head of accounting and quality assurance plus part of the resource and development team. Besides the accounting and marketing side of Wretched I intend on becoming more supportive with the 3D modeling and aid in programming.


The most important role in the business for me is to troubleshoot any roadblocks by developing strategies to divert around them. Also to keep the team motivated, to remind them of their potential, to be a sounding board when needed, and to manage deadlines.

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